Products, Prices and Sizes

Whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible when entering and updating data onto our website, all products, prices and sizes are subject to change and human error.


In regard to our products, most items listed are kept in-stock all year round. However some items that are listed on the website may not be kept as stock items. As such, they may have to be purchased as a special order (see Delivery and Returns policy). Whilst we try to maintain good stock levels throughout the year, this is sometimes difficult at busy periods such as the school holidays.


At the moment we do not offer an online-buying service, therefore the prices listed on the website may be subject to change. We have tried to ensure that all information online is correct, but the price charged in-store shall be undisputable regardless of what is stated online.


The sizes listed online are intended as a guide only. Whilst they correspond with the majority of our products, some items may not follow this exact sizing system. There are some sizes that are not listed (i.e. Primary School sizes stopping at an adult Medium), but there may be a possibility that they can be ordered in-store via a Special Order (see Delivery and Returns policy).